Full time A Level Tutor / University Admissions Mentor 

Tutoring Futures are recruiting a Tutor/Mentor for a 16-year-old student in Brussels who will begin his A Level courses in September. He is studying History, Geography, Politics and Economics with a view to applying to Oxbridge in due course. This role is very much one of enrichment rather than pure academic support, with an emphasis on guiding him towards next steps beyond school. 


An inspirational, experienced and academic teacher/ mentor is required for a highly articulate and committed student based in Brussels. This role is a dual aspect position with a focus on A Level support as required but also enrichment and extension work to prepare him for university and life beyond school.  This is a full time contract until the end of the academic year in June 2019.

The proposed salary will be £60,000 GBP per annum (based on a tutor’s experience) + comprehensive benefits package.  


The student has spent many years living in Lisbon, Portugal where he studied at an American / International school. He chose to transfer to Brussels where he believed that the education would be more robust and provide a better preparation for his application to university in due course. It is a mark of his parental support that his family moved to Brussels to facilitate this educational ambition and the student is now settled happily into a top international school where is he currently finishing his GCSE exams.

As a bright and able student, it is anticipated that he will cope well with his A Level study although clearly there are stronger subjects than others. For this reason, the role is to support with exam technique and study skills more than subject content. Whilst he has a focus on Oxbridge entry in due course, he remains open to other top UK universities and wishes to explore a range of options in terms of locations and courses. A key role will be to assist with this decision making process.

This role is rather more of a mentoring role than a teaching one, reading books, debating political issues, providing enrichment experiences which will challenge both academically and personally.

The Student

The student is an absolute delight to spend time with, engaging, entertaining and clearly well travelled. He has a maturity that surpasses his years whilst retaining an endearing innocence reflecting his youth.

He has decided to study History, Geography and either Politics or Economics for A Level which allows him to focus on subjects which he feels passionately about, whilst retaining a breadth of study at this stage. History and Politics are clearly strengths and he will talk confidently and eloquently regarding world politics, both within well known locations such as the U.S. but also elsewhere in the world where he has travelled personally.

It is anticipated that he will achieve very good GCSE results this summer and then go on to do well at A Level. He certainly appears to take the process of exams in his stride and has a confidence in his ability. By his own admissions, he can be a ‘last minute’ worker, always submitting work in time but frequently tight against deadlines. He would appreciate a tutor who can help to mould his working pattern to avoid distractions and settle into a more mature approach to study.

The student spends a significant time with his own company due to the fact that both parents work and travel extensively. Whilst there will always be another adult in the house and we are not looking for someone to act as a Governess, we are seeking someone who will enjoy his company and look for ways to occupy time together. This may be a shared reading of a book, watching a relevant or thought provoking film together, visiting the theatre, taking him to visit somewhere of educational interest, researching together for a project, debating a subject and helping him to learn the art of rhetoric. This is a very open ended remit in terms of ‘extra curricular’ enrichment which may dip into philosophy or travel as the family become more confident in the tutor as a ‘member of the family’.

In his free time the student enjoys reading biographies/ historical fiction, playing chess, travelling, watching films and cycling. A tutor who enjoys sharing some of these interests alongside a willingness to introduce him to others would be ideal.  When the student lived in Lisbon he competed in chess tournaments but has yet to find a suitable option for this where he is based in Brussels. A tutor who can facilitate this, as well as playing chess to a good level themselves, would be advantageous.

The student speaks several languages including Russian, Portugese, English, French and basic Mandarin.  This interest in languages also feeds into a love of travel and the student is certainly well travelled. He can talk passionately about locations he has enjoyed visiting and the cultural & social education that travel affords.

As mentioned above, the student has yet to finalise his thoughts regarding university courses and the tutor will be required to look at courses and universities with him in order to identify where to apply. A tutor who has experience of 6th Form university admissions would be valuable as they will be able to advise him, assist with the application process and help to prepare him for interviews.

The Role of the Tutor

Whilst we are looking for a tutor who can support his A Level study, with a subject knowledge in these subject areas where at all possible, this role is certainly more far reaching than a straight teaching position.  As the student himself identifies, a teacher who can work through a unit where he is struggling alongside him, reading text books, using the internet to help, is key. We are not expecting the tutor to be a subject expert in all subjects but to have the academic ability to find out answers if they do not know. We are also open to the possibility of taking additional subject tutors for online tutoring or intensive holiday tutoring in due course if there is a notable gap that requires support.

This role is a study teacher, a mentor, an academic and enrichment tutor who will take pleasure in seeking opportunities to provide support but also extension.  

Due to the amount of free time that the tutor will have during the week, this role will suit someone with additional interests such as writing, painting, walking who will enjoy having time to pursue their own hobbies.

The family are exceptionally welcoming and friendly and it is anticipated that the tutor will become very much a ‘member of the family’ over time, enjoying a mutually respectful relationship as they have with other household staff.


·       A native English speaker

·       Extensive experience of teaching A Level – History, Geography, Politics, Economics (ideally at least 2 subjects)

·       Personal interest in Politics & current affairs

·       An independent and proactive approach to seeking opportunities of interest

·       Like dogs


·       A non –smoker

·       Full clean driving licence

·       Chess player

·       University Admissions experience

·       Active – enjoyment of cycling & walking


During term time, the student will be at school during the day until approximately 1615 each day. For this reason, the tutor will be asked to be available 4 afternoons/ evenings per week (1 day off per school week) and every weekend. During holidays, it is anticipated that there will be more time to focus on areas requiring academic support as well as excursions to places of interest and therefore the tutor will need to be available for fuller days. The exact schedule will be discussed and agreed before the role commences. 

Accommodation & Transport

The family’s main home is in a small town on the outskirts of Brussels where the student attends school. The house is set along a country lane, near to a beautiful park. The house is large, quiet and secluded and will offer a calm place to reside.  The house is within a short park walk of the tram station which is a direct line into Brussels. The main airport is a 20 minute drive away. There may be a car available as required.  

The tutor will have a choice of a number of bedrooms (all en suite) within the family home but all offering privacy and space. All meals can be taken with the student or the tutor can buy / cook their own meals if they prefer.

The family will pay for all travel when working, including flights and travel with the student.  


There will be 6 weeks paid holiday per year. This will be in addition to any family holidays when the tutor is invited to travel with the family.  


The contract is due to begin on September 1st 2017, although it may be possible for the tutor to begin slightly earlier if they are available.  The post is for 2 academic years initially in order to take the student through to A Level and to ensure continuity.




Please contact Tutoring Futures to discuss the role further. To apply: send a CV + letter of application outlining your suitability to the role to emma@tutoringfutures.com