Client Services

Tutoring Futures specialise in the placement of full time live-in tutors or substantial part-time appointments in the UK and globally.  We offer a bespoke, personal service which focuses on ensuring that we find the right tutor for your family. 


We ensure that we understand the exact needs and circumstances of the family through detailed consultation with you in person. Only then will we be in a position to recruit suitable candidates, interviewed and shortlisted by us. Selected candidates will then meet you and your children for your final approval following thorough background screening and security checks. To find the right private tutor could take between 2 - 3 months as we recruit specifically for the post rather than finding a 'best fit' from a pool of tutors.

Our Commitment

Unlike many tutor agencies, our commitment does not end with the placement of your tutor. We remain available both to you and the tutor throughout the placement. Indeed we maintain a strong link with both parties to ensure that the relationship works well.


We only recruit the highest calibre teachers with strong qualifications and experience. Each appointment is unique and fees are calculated on the skills of the tutor and any specific requirements of the role. We will find private tutors with additional qualifications and management experience should you require this. For full information on the services we provide please click here.