Previous Appointments


We are looking to appoint a full time Tutor for 3 children, aged 8 - 10.  The Clients are seeking a highly skilled Tutor to provide substantial education support across the curriculum, with a focus on Numeracy and Literacy.  The role will begin in September 2013.  Essential requirements: significant experience of the KS2 English National Curriculum + academic demands of the English private school system with a proven ability to prepare children for UK school entrance exams. The contract will be until summer 2014 initially, although may extend for several years for the right Tutor.  Package includes private accommodation, medical cover and frequent travel opportunities.

Oxford & London 

An inspiring, firm yet calm full time Tutor is required to teach one boy aged 13 based in Oxford and London.   The student has had a disrupted schooling to date, struggling to settle into a school for long enough to make sufficient academic progress or to establish good friends.  Having finished his previous school before Christmas, he is now very keen to ‘get back on track’ and the family are looking to provide him with a period of tutoring to assist in this transition.   It is hoped that the Tutor will help the student to make good academic progress, begin to view himself as successful and then ease him into mainstream schooling in London or Oxford at the end of the summer.

Somerset & European Travel 

An inspiring, creative and committed full time Tutor is required to teach 2 boys aged 16 and 13, based in Somerset with frequent overseas travel.The Tutor will be required to supplement the education that the boys receive currently from their school, ensuring that the regular time spent away from the classroom is not detrimental to their education. The contract will be until summer 2014 initially but for a successful Tutor it is envisaged that this role may last for some years.


A truly exceptional opportunity for an experienced, inspiring and creative teacher to provide full time homeschooling for a 12 year old girl, based in Belgium. This role requires someone who can work within a very high profile family, demonstrating a discreet, polite and calm demeanour at all times.  The contract will be for 12 months initially but if the Tutor proves to be successful, it is envisaged that this role may last for years to come.

Gibraltar & Worldwide Travel 

An inspirational, experienced and independent teacher is sought as a private Tutor for a German family, currently living in Gibraltar. The plan for this role is to travel extensively worldwide, providing the children with a broad range of stimulating and exciting educational experiences. This is a full-time contract until the end of the academic year, but may extend beyond this as educational plans for the next stage are yet to be finalised.

Cayman Islands (full time tutor)

A highly experienced primary teacher is sought as a Tutor for a British family living on 7-mile Beach in the Cayman Islands. The family have 4 boys, aged 10, 8, 7 and 5. This role is hugely exciting as it provides an opportunity to teach the boys, in a purpose created mini ‘school’, whilst offering time to focus on individual skills with each child. There is another primary teacher there as well (has been teaching there since April) and therefore the Tutor will be able to work with children individually or in pairs. The teacher must be a primary teaching specialist with experience of SEN if possible. The ability to teach KS1 Literacy (phonics, handwriting and reading in particular) would be an advantage.

South West France (full time tutor)

An inspirational, active and independent teacher is sought as a private Tutor for a British/American family, living in the South West of France for one year. The Tutor will be required to provide an exciting, creative curriculum which will include core elements of the British Year 4 syllabus whilst being inspired by the local area and the pupil’s particular interests. This is a full-time contract until the end of the academic year, August 2012. 

London (short term tutor)

A tutor is sought for a family who are visiting London for 3 months and wish to bridge the gap in educational provision whilst the children are away from their school in Dubai.  The family have 2 children aged 15 and 12.   The family are looking for a committed teacher who can blend the ability to provide exciting learning opportunities with a patient, sensitive approach.

India (full time tutor)

A tutor was appointed for a British family who travelled to India with three children aged 10, 9 and 6. The client is looking for a tutor to provide full-time homeschooling, including extra-curricular activities to ensure broad and balanced development. The family were based in New Delhi, with short periods of travel throughout all regions of India.