How long will it take to place a Tutor?

Our placement policy is comprehensive; the process of consultation, advertising, interviewing, background screening and final placement arrangements for private tutors can take 2-3 months.

How is the Tutor chosen?

Tutoring Futures advertise through this website and the Times Educational Supplement (TES). We will interview select applicants against the job specification which will be drawn up after consultation with you. We will shortlist 2-3 applicants and conduct background checks using our pre-screening service. Subject to successful screening and employment reference checks we will then arrange for them to meet you for final decision and selection of your tutor.  This rigorous process ensures that live-in tutors are a good match.

How can I be sure that the Tutor will be suitably qualified and meet my needs?

We only recruit teachers holding reputable professional qualifications and with several years classroom experience. Tutoring Futures will draw up a comprehensive job specification outlining your requirements and our recruitment process ensures that the tutor's skill set match this. Tutors are interviewed by us prior to interview by you.

Is this an International service?  Where do you operate?

We are based in the UK but more than happy to travel to you for initial consultations, interviews and visits on your request. Tutoring Futures work with Educational Consultants who are well placed to assist the consultation process globally should you require it.  We operate throughout the world, including Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Hong Kong, New York, Singapore and Moscow. 

Can you find me a tutor to speak our language and teach our preferred curriculum?

If you are looking for a tutor to speak a specific language this will be stated in the job advertisement and job specification and we will find the right person for the role. We are an international company and fully expect your chosen curriculum for your children to be an area of discussion during consultation with you.

How will I know that the live-in tutors are safe for my children?

We out-source our tutor pre-screening checks to a global risk management consultancy and a leader in employee screening.  They will carry out thorough background and enhanced criminal record checks on the shortlisted candidate.  The private tutor candidate interviewed by you will be screened through this process prior to placement. Please contact Tutoring Futures for more information; we would be happy to discuss this further.

Can the tutor contribute to my child's wider educational needs such as sport and music?

If you require prospective tutors to hold a particular skill or qualification, be it sporting or musical proficiency, we will include that requirement as an essential or desirable part of the job specification. Due to the nature and independence of our placements, tutors will expect their role to be broad and wide-ranging.

Will the tutor be able to travel with us?

Yes the tutor will be able to travel with you for holidays or family trips. Many of our clients travel frequently and often tutors will accompany the family for such trips. Not only does this ensure that education is not disrupted, but also provides stimulating opportunities for learning. 

Will I be able to use the tutor for additional domestic and childcare duties?

We place professional teachers therefore any additional duties outside of their educational remit will have to be discussed during the recruitment process and consented to by the tutor.

Where will the tutor live?  Do all live-in tutors have to live with the client?

Many tutors relocate to take up their appointment; therefore full time placements will need to include an offer of accommodation and a means of transport.  For many clients, accommodation will be provided in a separate location.