Home schooling:  A broad educational option

The option to home-school children has traditionally been viewed as one that encourages children to be reclusive and lacking in social skills, working in an insular environment which is out of touch with the world around them.  It is amazing that the response to the mention of such an educational option is often negative.  Yet when carried out effectively, by a dedicated parent or a committed full time private tutor, it can provide a most successful and enriching learning environment for any child

Home schooling is an option which allows families to mould the education to suit the child, taking full advantage of local opportunities, the nature of the child and the way that suits them best. By choosing a full time tutor for your child, you are allowing your child to follow their educational interests, becoming life- long learners rather than children who can jump through the necessary hoops to ‘succeed’ in conventional schooling.

Many international families spend time travelling around the world from one post to another.  The world has become a significantly more transient place to be.  For many such families, international schools are not viewed as a preferred option as the upheaval of starting a new school every couple of years can be immense and unsettling for young children.  Many international schools work operate at a significantly lower academic level when compared to UK public schools.  The reasons for this are numerous but it is the result of EAL pressures and demands from host countries.  For some families, work is too remote and travelling to an international school is not a logistical option at all. Private tutors provide the continuity in education that enhances a child’s learning, offering an educator who can ensure academic progression.

Life is unpredictable and for some people full time tutors are appointed as a result of a childhood illness or inability to attend school.  Children, whose health will only allow for limited schooling, benefit enormously from the personal touch of a live-in private tutor who can fit the education around the welfare of the child.  

Home schooling is an ideal option for children who are working on film sets and are also unable to adhere to a rigid daily timetable.  A private tutor will mould the lessons around the schedule, ensuing that children do not miss out on valuable education whilst also reaping the rewards of a life on set.  This flexibility enables families to provide the lifestyle that they wish for the children without limitations.

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About the Author:

Emma Swanson is an experienced classroom teacher, having graduated from Cambridge University to pursue a career in education.  Emma has taught in many private schools, heading departments at every stage of the Primary School.  Her experience in senior management in a UK Preparatory School and in a leading International School in Dubai, make her well placed to provide educational consultancy to parents.  Emma is also a mother of 2 young children, living near Ascot, Berkshire.